North Wales Potters Constitution

Additional Information



The name of the association will be NORTH WALES POTTERS (Crochenwyr Gogledd Cymru)


North Wales Potters (NWP) aims to promote excellence in the ceramic arts and to raise the

profile of ceramics to a wider audience.

NWP will pursue these aims through a program of exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures,

workshops and other events.

The objective of the NWP is to promote the interests of ceramic artists and potters, and provide

an opportunity for all people interested in ceramics to meet and share their ideas and



Membership will be open to anyone who shares the aims of the NWP on payment of an annual

membership fee. Whilst our primary geographical base is North Wales, people from outside this

region are welcome as members.


a) The committee will meet at least twice a year; one meeting to be an Annual General

Meeting (AGM) which is open to all members.

b) The committee will consist of a Chairperson, a Treasurer, a Membership Secretary and a

minimum of three other members.

c) The Chairperson, Treasurer and Membership Secretary and committee members will be

elected at the AGM to serve for a period of one year.

d) All committee members are eligible to stand for immediate re-election.

e) The quorum for committee meetings shall consist of five Committee members.

f) In the absence of the Chairperson, an acting Chair may be elected for the meeting.

g) The committee is empowered to form sub-committees or to co-opt any members of NWP

to serve on the committee until the next AGM.

h) On the basis of proposals from the membership the committee will select two members

to represent them on the board of the International Ceramics Festival (ICF). These

representatives will become members of the NWP’s committee and give regular reports

on ICF meetings and activities.

i) The committee is empowered to award as and when appropriate the distinction of

honorary membership. This to be ratified at the AGM.



a) The AGM will be held in January of the year.

b) The venue of the AGM will be arranged to facilitate attendance by as many members as


c) NOTICE OF CHANGE TO THE CONSTITUTION must be made in writing to the Chair at least

10 days prior to the AGM.

d) NOTICE OF RESOLUTIONS for the AGM must be made in writing to the Chair at least 10

days prior to the meeting.

e) The AGM shall:

i. receive the Chair’s report;

ii. receive the Treasurer’s report and accounts for the preceding financial year;

iii. elect such committee members as necessary;

iv. consider and vote upon any resolution(s) duly submitted to the meeting;

v. transact any other business deemed appropriate by the Chair of the meeting;

f) Voting at the AGM: All decisions will be by simple majority of members attending the

meeting, the Chair having a casting vote in split decisions.


a) Subscriptions will be reviewed following each AGM.

b) Subscriptions run for 1 year from the 1


March and are to be paid in February.

c) The committee reserves the right to levy a fee for late payment of membership fees. The

Membership secretary, in consultation with the Treasurer, can reduce the annual fee for

new members joining six months or later into the year.


a) NWP may charge a commission on all sales made at exhibitions/events it organises.

b) NPW may also charge a fee for being selected as an exhibitor in any of its

exhibitions/events. These fees shall be determined by the committee.


a) A banking account shall be kept in the name of the NWP. This account will receive monies

paid to NWP and make payments on behalf of NWP.

b) All payments and receipts are to be recorded by and authorised by the Treasurer.

c) The bank account will be set up such that security is maintained by authorised signatories

being appointed by the committee.

d) The financial year shall be deemed to run from 1


February to 31



e) A financial statement for the preceding year shall be submitted to the AGM.

f) The committee is empowered to pay all or part of any reasonable expenses incurred in

the course of the efficient running of the NWP’ affairs.

g) The committee can set budgets for specific activities and empower members to spend this



a) The NWPs may at any time be dissolved by a resolution passed by a three-quarters

majority of the membership.

b) Any balance of funds to be donated to a charity or organisation with shared objectives to