Membership benefits

 • Email alerts about members events and other events of interest to potters in North Wales.

• Free entry on the members work pages of this web site .

• Participation in NWP open exhibitions and selected exhibitions if work approved.

• Facebook page permitting posting of information of interest to members

• Reduced rates to all NWP events, talks, demonstrations and practical sessions.

• 10% discount at Potclays and 10% at Potterycrafts

• In alternate years reduced registration fees for the International Ceramics Festival.

(To discourage joining only for ICF years we exercise the right to withhold this benefit when it is clear that someone has joined only to obtain these reduced fees.) 

To join North Wales Potters please Email our Membership Secretary:

Eleni Marjot –

Membership costs/ year:

Single member £27.00

Joint/Family membership £38.00

Student Membership £17.00 (with current NUS card)